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PO2.01Cap Sizes

PO3.01Six School Goals

PO4.01No. of Persons employed

PO5.01nstructional Materials

PO5.02aReview Guidelines

PO5.03Media Center Selection of Materials

PO5.03aMedia Center Guidelines

PO6.01Support Services

PO6.03Title I Parent Involvement

PO6.03aParent Compact

PO7.02Consultation on Vacancies

PO7.03Selection of a Principal

PO8.01Curriculum Policy

PO8.011Curriculum Policy

PO8.02Practical Living

PO8.03 Writing Standards

PO8.04Reading Policy

PO8.04aReading Philosophy

PO8.04bBalanced LA Program

PO8.06School Curriculum

PO8.07Portfolio Policy

PO8.07aPortfolio Policy

PO8.08Homework Policy

PO9.01Staff Assignment

PO09.4232 HCS policy for Tobacco, Alternative Nicotine, or Vapor Products

PO10.00Student Assignment/Primary Policy

PO10.03Fifth Year Primary Policy

PO10.03aPrimary Program Packet

PO11.01Schedule of School Day

PO13.02Lesson Plan Checklist

PO14.0Discipline Plan

PO14.02 Conduct

PO14.03School Safety Plan

14.03 Special Announcement

PO15.01Extracurricular Policy

PO15.02Junior Beta

PO15.03Safety Patrol

PO15.04Whiz Kid & Academic Team

PO15.05Honor Roll Eligibility

PO15.06Chaperone Guidelines for Overnight Trips

PO15.075th Grade Trip Guidelines

PO18.01Program Appraisal

PO18.02Alignment  with State Standards Policy

PO18.03Electronic Use Policy

PO18.03aElectronic Use

PO18.03bCondensed Policy

PO18.03cFurther Electronic Use Clarifications

PO18.04Monitoring of Comprehensive School Program

PO18.05School Improvement

PO19.01School Budget and Administration

PO21.01Assessment of Students

PO22.01School Plans

PO23.01Testing Program

PO24.00 GCB Wellness Policy

Implementation and Impact Checklist